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To thine own self be true

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To thine ownself be true..

The above statement means being true to your ownself.It  also means being honest with oneself. We can be honest with ourselves by practising gratitude, not lying to ourselves and others, respecting ourselves and our needs. Our needs for work, rest, love and care from our near dear ones. These needs should be addressed and taken care of. Also, we need to take responsibility of our own life. We should know when to talk, whom to talk and how to talk with each other. We should be able to assert ourselves and our needs. 

We need to grow physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. There should be a holistic development of all aspects of human life. We should learn to live happily with a  sense of self respect and satisfaction with our life and ourselves. We should constantly try to improve ourselves personally and proffessionally. We should also be able to seek and give help, support,  care and kindness to people in need. 

Thus, being true to yourself means living a life respectfully, accomplishing your goals in life, striving hard for improvement and excellence in all aspects of our life. Also, to be able to develop healthy relationships with other people belonging from different background, gender, caste, class, religion and nationalities. Thus, living the idea of  vasudev kutumbkum - world is our home and maintaining it and keeping it clean and healthy. 


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Deependra Verma

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