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today is fathers day and i want a speech on my father please help me fast because my father is arrive to kanpur at 12:00p.m.

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Good Morning to all present here, I want to share my views and feelings towards my beloved father who loved me so much and who is the physical support of my life. He is very simple and with his Practical mindset, I am able to make decisions during difficult situations. He is the Thinker of the future in my life and a Pillar of my family. He has supported my family for a very long time and I want to give him a Quality life so that he feels proud of himself. I was able to choose the correct path and develop my career with the help of my father. He always believes that strong support leads to the greatest achievements and brings positivity in life. He always kept my expectations ahead without thinking for himself and I considered him as a role model in my family. I am What I am because of him.


Thank You

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Deependra Verma

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