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Tomorow is my asl exam and my topic is you have seen your classmate tearing pages of llibrary books and you have spoken to him but he denits. discuss with your patner

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Joe: Hey Dylan! Have you seen Cole? 

Dylan: Hey! No, I haven’t. Is it urgent?

Joe: Yeah. Don’t tell this to anyone but a few days back, in the library, I saw him tearing pages from books in the library. I confronted him about it but he denies doing anything wrong. He is my friend and I tried to convince him to not do this, but now I might have to go to the librarian. 

Dylan: This is a serious issue. I think rather than telling the librarian, you should tell the class teacher first. Since he is her student, she might confront him in a soft manner. 

Joe: I think I will talk to him again about this. If he doesn’t listen, then I will go to the teacher. 

Dylan: You should tell him how the books have a value of their own. They might not be his, but they have ample amounts of knowledge. Books come from trees and he is wasting such a finite resource. He is a big guy and he should not be childish about such things. 

Joe: I know. The books he is tearing up are of our syllabus. I take help from those texts and he is secretly ruining it for us. 

Dylan: You should suggest to him to come clean about his actions and compensate for the books. Ask the teacher to talk to his parents before taking this matter to the librarian. His parents might have a solution for this. I am sure they will confront him about his actions. Children listen to their parents at least. 

Joe: I think this is a good suggestion. I will do that.

Dylan: Let’s go together to meet Cole. I’ll try to make him understand the effects of his actions. 

Joe: Sure, let’s go. 


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