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Use of gadget in our day to day life

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Gadgets have become our daily needs. Our life is fully dependent on these gadgets, be it work from home, online classes, exercise or yoga. It is very difficult to imagine a life without gadgets. But the excessive use of these gadgets may cause various problems like: 

  1. It causes pain in hands, neck and back due to poor posture which can also lead to TTT (Teen Tendonitis).
  2. They develop stress, anxiety and depression.
  3. Sleep disruption.
  4. Use of mobile phones while driving is invitation to accidents.
  5. They may attract or be victim to cyberbullying.
  6. They may develop a false prestige resulting to harm their mental health.
  7. Health related issues like obesity, vision problem etc.
  8. The techical gadgets omit ultra virus radiations which are extremely harmful in the long run for humans and other living organisms.
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Deependra Verma

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