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What is the difference between amoeba and paramecium

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Differences between Amoeba and Paramecium are 

1. Amoeba is indefinite in shape whereas, Paramecium is in definite, slipper-like shape protozoan.

2. Amoeba can be found in freshwater, ponds, wet soil and parasites whereas, Paramecium can be found in freshwater and dead and decaying organic matter.

3. Amoeba moves by forming pseudopodia whereas, Paramecium moves with the help of cilia. 

4. Amoeba engulfs food particles via phagocytosis whereas, Paramecium comprises groove, gullet and anal pore.

5. Amoeba reproduces via binary fission whereas, Paramecium reproduces either by a binary fission or conjugation.

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Ritika Jonwal

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