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What is the importance of money? How to spend the money in a good way?

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Money is important as it is a medium of exchange of goods and services. Through money we can buy necessary goods like food, water or shelter. Money is important for not only survival but for your own self. Aside from basic necessities, our human body requires medical treatments to prevent or cure ailments for which we need money so we can get treatment. Money runs in a cycle. Someone’s spending is someone’s earning and to survive in a capitalistic society, we need money. It might not give the utmost happiness, but it helps you live a life well. 

The best way to spend money will be to spend it on good things like nutritious food and fruits, plants, water, etc. You can occasionally help those who are not as fortunate as you might be in terms of money, may it be a person or an animal or plant. We should also be responsible citizens and not spend money on things that pollute the earth like plastic, thermocol or synthetic materials that will degrade in a million years. We should build a better future for the future generation so they can live peacefully. That is what humanity is about. 


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Deependra Verma

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