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What is the summary of story journey by night by norah burke?

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Journey by night is a story about a boy Sher Singh who tried to help his sick brother. He helped his mother in taking care of the child but one say his mother gave up saying he needs to be taken to the hospital. His younger brother name was kunwar. Her mother wasn't sentimental as she was habitual of children dying due to sickness or some accidents in jungle. Sher Singh's father was a famous hunter who knows jungle very well and can find spots where animals were hiding. He was known as Sher Singh Bahadur because he fought tigers and has various marks and scars  on his body and face trying to protect his fellow hunters.

Sher Singh decided to take his brother on a sling on his own, since no one men were present in their homes at that time. He has heard stories about animal attacks and was familiar with steps, marks and traces ofosnakes and bears. He knows how to tackle them by hiding. Next, there was a herd of elephants near the riverwho came his way and he escaped them too.

He was able to cross the first river. At second riverr there was an unusual flood and the bridge made of wood and grass was broken. He crossed the icy cold water by tying a grass rope around him and his brother. He swimmed through water by keeping his brother's head above water. At last he reached the hospital at kalaghat. He was hungry so earned his food by working on coals. Getting money, cooking food, eating food made on stones. The doctor called him Sher Singh Bahadur for saving his brother's life. 

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