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Who is nature poet in English literature?

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Ten best famous nature poet in English Literature with their poems are-

1. Gary Snyder- Mountains and Rivers without end.

2. John Clare- Winter Poems, Wooden Pictures in Summer

3. Ralph Waldo Emerson- Song of Nature, The Snow Storm

4. Mary Oliver - Wild Geese and The Summer Day

5. Percy Bysshe Shelle- To a Skylark, Mont Blanc

6. Emily Dickinson- There is Another Sky, A Light Exist in Spring

7. Alfred Lord Tennyson- The Eagle, The Lotos Eater

8. Robert Frost- Nothing Gold Can Stay, Birches

9. John Keats - To Autumn, On the Sea

10. William Wordsworth- Tintern Abby,  Daffodils


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Deependra Verma

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