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Write a let to the editor of a national daily expressing your views on concern about the bio reserve

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To the Editor,

The Times of India

New Delhi


Respected Sir/ Ma’am,


Subject- Steps to preserve our bio reserves.


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw your kind attention towards the preservation of the bio reserves of our country. India is losing 2.4 percent of the world area, but it has only eight percent of the world’s bio reserves. And India is one of the 12 most diverse regions in the whole world. There are majestic flora and fauna in our country and it is a gift from God due to Human activities. Technology is increasing day by day and due to pollution, there are no more resources available in the country because resources are limited. And deforestation is a very harmful situation in our country. Many trees are being cut and animals are going extinct. Our Government should implement the law to save its Bio reserves so that India can have a better future.


You are requested to Kindly look into this matter and respond to it as soon as possible. Thanking you


Yours Truly


Posted by

Deependra Verma

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