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Write a letter to an expert on the environment.Ask him/her 5 questions about your concern/doubts about world heritage sites.Give him 3 ideas on how to protect them

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Our Environment is an essential part of our Life. In Recent years the conscience of humanity has been strongly awakened to the need to protect the environment and to save the environment. It is of utmost importance that people are aware not only of the problems but also the role they play in the protection of the environment. The environment is the source for us to live a happy life whether it is about eating, Walking, Bathing, Breathing, and Drinking. A good environment improves the quality of our life. The environment includes the Atmosphere, surroundings, Geographical area, and Natural resources, etc.

We people are degrading our environment in a violent way as we are harming ourselves physically and biologically. So, our ecological balance is affected in a bad way. While developing technologies for man, it is very important to study for our environment. Air, water, and earth are essentials of the environment but on the other hand overpopulation, and rapid industrialization can create decadence in the environment. Human beings are constantly damaging their environment.

These causes can be Deforestation, Depletion of water under the surface of the earth, Overpopulation, Air pollution, global warming, Extinction of species with the help of poaching Depletion of the ozone layer, and others. We have to adapt to our environment by recycling and regenerating mechanisms.

So, we must be aware of our environment and start studying about the environment by having planned and balanced industrial growth which helps to reduce pollution and there should be a focus on planting more and more trees in the cities.


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Deependra Verma

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