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Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper enlightening the public regarding health hazards due to coronavirus

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Rajendra Nagar,

New Delhi

14th June 2021

The Editor,

The HT City

Barakhamba Road

Subject: Enlightening the public regarding health hazards due to coronavirus

Dear Sir/Madam,

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw your kind attention to the health hazards of the novel coronavirus. This is a very threatening situation this time. The whole world is facing a lot of suffering in their families who lost their lives. So, we need to be careful about this and we must follow all the guidelines issued by the WHO and the guidelines issued by our Government. Whenever we go out of our house, make sure to wear a mask, take along a bottle of sanitizer with you, and wash your hands for around 20 seconds. Everyone must get vaccinated at this time. As there is no medicine so we must follow the social distancing guidelines. Please Stay Home, Stay safe.

Yours Faithfully


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Deependra Verma

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