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Write a letter to your best friend in which you are not able to meet them right now tell in the letter what you are doing everyday and what will you do to meet them?

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120-A-45 Palm Street


Date- 2-6-2020

Dear Vath

I hope you find this letter in pink of your health. It has been almost an year since we met. I am really missing you and everyone in the family. I am stuck here due to this lockdown as all the flights to Singapore are cancelled by the Indian government. But I am eagerly waiting for the vaccine to arrive so that I could take the jabs and come to meet you there after this lockdown and restrictions.

Here at my grandparents house I am enjoying and learning new things daily. I have joined my grandmother's NGO and we are helping all needy people by giving them food and shelter. I am learning sitar from from grandfather and experiencing things like how a bio gas plant work and how honeybees are reared.

I am utlising my time well and hope to see you soon. Give my regards to uncle and aunty.

Your loving friend


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Deependra Verma

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