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Write a letter to your younger brother mentioning some of the exam tips you think he should follow

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Punjabi Bagh

New Delhi-110027


11th July, 2021


Dear Rahul,


How are you? I am fine. I hope you will be doing well also and things will be fine by your side. I also hope that this letter finds you in the best of your health. I got to know from your last letter that you were giving your class tenth board examination this year. I also was able to sense your nervousness regarding board examinations. You also asked for my advice in your last letter. 

My advice is that you start preparing for advance for these examinations and on time. You should also take tuitions for subjects you need support in or are difficult for you. You should take help of your seniors , class friends and teachers as and when it seems appropriate to you. You should pay importance to important topics and heavy weightage topics before and divide your time accordingly , if possible prepare a time table and stick to it. Please take care of your body and mind and rest well. Eat healthy food and do exercise and yoga regularly for a fit body and mind. If you follow these suggestions , you will be well prepared for your exams. Take care of yourself and do keep writing to me when you are free.

Yours lovingly,







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Deependra Verma

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