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Write a speech on parents time and expensive gizmos what do children want ?

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Nowadays, it is considered a miracle if toddlers are spotted with smartphones or tablets, making their way from the home screen to the Play Store and downloading a new mobile game. In fact, most parents boast about how well their two-year-old kids can click selfies using various filters. Unfortunately, in this world of new updates and gadgets, a new dilemma has emerged for the children - do they want to spend more of their time with parents, or should they focus their attention on "beating" a friend's high score? There are parents who try to make up for their absence at home by gifting presents to their children, while the thing these kids need the most is to stay close to them. On the other hand, there are other children who would rather spend their time on YouTube than with their parents in the living room. Whatever be the scenario, the result is the same - a divide between children and parents. In a world where new phones and gadgets are released every day, parents and kids are increasingly growing further apart. And the problem lies on both sides. Children should be taught to treasure the idea of "human interactions" as much as their parents. The era of virtual communication is seemingly overtaking real-life interactions. We should view gadgets as necessities in times of need and not view them as the bounties of science and technology which are to be taken for granted. Instead of becoming virtual entities, let us be the real version of our real selves. The clearer the image, the better the perception.

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Deependra Verma

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