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Write a story about hundred words using different types of sentences with a suitable title

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'I was his hero'- the name of the story

Ahh! the water was cold.(Exclamatory) But the I asked myself, can I do it?(Interrogative) I took a deep breath and jumped into the river.(Assertive) I could hear the cries and howls of that little boy, he was crying for help. I swam breathlessly. The waves were pushing me back and I had to put extra energy to take a leap. I struggled to reach the boy. He was unconscious by then and was just about to stop his struggle. I holded him in my arms and blew some air into his mouth and then dragged him over the water to bring him to the shore.He was not breathing properly.(Negative) I laid him over his stomach and he puked out the galloped water.I requested him to breathe.(Imperative) I could revive him. And I was feeling so joyful that I had saved a life.

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