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Write about celebrating birthdays during lockdown.

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Every year I celebrate my birthday with my family because they are the most important people in my life. We are a family of five, so I have my parents, elder and a younger sibling and me. This year, because of Covid-19, we are in a state of lockdown. As we don’t have the option of going out, we decided to celebrate my birthday at home. My mother prepared my favourite food “shahi paneer” and dessert ‘kheer’. We all try to help out our mother in house chores. Since it was my birthday, I was rid of my chores for the day. My siblings made a birthday card for me and my parents gave me new clothes which they ordered online. I baked a chocolate cake at home. I cut the cake with my family and relatives who joined via video call. Though this was not the best situation to celebrate my birthday in, I was happy with having my loved ones near me. 


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Deependra Verma

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