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Write an essay on fashion shows have nothing to do with trends and culture butthey are a big publicity stunt only.

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Style describes you, who you are, style describes the characteristics of a person. Speak involves as fashion evolves and they are both related to each other. As time changes fashion also changes. Fashion is not only the way a person dresses, it also refers to the thinking level of a person. In my country, India is popular for its cultures but as a result of westernization, some traditions and customs have changed. Some can be Good or some can be bad. This change that exists in today’s world is like a double-edged sword. When something new is introduced in the Fashion industry, the designers implement their plan on a model and then they work on their plan. Fashion consumes a lot of energy because there are so many varieties in the Market and it also consumes Money. The money spent in conducting a fashion show can be used to help many other people. The fashion life cycle is used in the textile merchandising industry in which the life span keeps track of a particular item. If a style is purchased it becomes accepted and if it is accepted then it becomes a fashion.

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Deependra Verma

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