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Write an Essay on greenery?why it is useful for mankind?what is the effect of greenery?advantages and disadvantages of greenery?

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Much of the beauty of this earth is because of greenery and the growth of grasses. A tree is the best friend of a man, when a man grows a tree in the house he treats it like his own child. Greenery is very important if we want to live a quality life in the environment. India was a land of lofty trees and green fields. Later with the growth of population and the greediness in man, the trees lost their sanctity and began to fall down mercilessly to build houses, doors, windows, and furniture, etc. The trees are very useful for a man. They give us shade in summer in which our ancestors used to sit and let their children play. Their wood is used for making fires and helps us to build furniture. Greenery absorbs Carbon DiOxide. Greeneries play an important role in the environmental effect. We always know that we cannot live without greenery because greenery gives us life to live. If there were no trees there would be a scarcity of oxygen which could endanger our species on the planet. Trees create coolness in the environment. Greenery is of the utmost importance to maintain a fair amount of forests in the world. If we cut down trees in forests or cause or harm them with their various means should be dealt with sternly. Children should know the value of greenery and the maintenance of environmental purity. Growing of trees in the forests and in the big cities or in small cities is of the utmost importance in these times. Everybody should be encouraged to grow more and more trees. 

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