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Write an essay on the Influence of technical gadgets on human relations

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Influence of Technical Gadgets on Human Relations

It will be not wrong if we will call technical-gadgets humans best friend as day by day they are becoming important parts of our life, even from waking up to our sleep they play a crucial role in our lives. One can't live a single day without access to these gadgets and it could be anything like Video Games, Mobile Phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, automated TV, light, fans, AC, etc., due to which people are now becoming dependent on their gadgets.

Once there was a time when people used to search inside dictionaries to find meanings of the words they don't know, But now, as you can see that whole world can be searched in just in few seconds only by clicking or speaking few words to the gadget but physically and mentally, we did nothing. The reason is that gadgets made everything so easy and accessible and that’s why people forgot to do manual labor and day by day we are becoming slaves of these gadgets.

It's true that gadgets save our time and money in many ways but the more convenient we are becoming, the more we are becoming 'Lazy' because now the whole world is just one click away. And it is filling our mind with the thought that if facilities are available then why to do any labor or any mental activity, or even any physical activity. Due to which these days, most humans are facing health problems like stress, anxiety, depression, eye-related problems, etc., and most of them are related to physical activities. If this continues, then the day is not far when the youth age will be regarded as a 'Pumpkin couch'.

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Conclusion on influence of technical gadgets on human relations


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