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Write and essay in this topic An experience in hospital bed for a week?

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This pandemic and corona has taken lives of so many people. My father is a banker and he had to work continuously during all lockdowns. He got infected by this virus of covid-19, but he recovered in 20days with mild fever. I took that infection from him and was admitted to the hospital because my oxygen level went down and my was infection in my lungs too. this one week in the hospital changed my life completely due to so many reasons. There was sadness all around, patients were striving hard to breathe, they were all hopes, all the hospital staff was working tirelessly day and night for the recovery of these patients. They were even trying to cheer them up. But I could read the hoplessness on the faces of these workers, nurses and doctors. People around me felt lonely and depressed. The week in the hospital was tough but I learnt to be greatful to God for whatever I have.

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Deependra Verma

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