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Write the before & after accessibility on mobile,television,computer&internet

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Every invention has its Merits and demerits. These days science and new technologies have progressed so fast that we humans are unable to understand them. There are new gadgets which have impacted our life in a good way and in a bad way but they make all work easy. They are high in demand for all Age groups whether they are adults or teenagers. Their parents have been affected to a level that one cannot imagine. People nowadays are getting comfortable sitting at home and meeting with their friends and relatives on Video Chats, and children overindulge them in Video games Instead of playing outdoor games. Through which, this impacted on the life of children. These gadgets do not have a great impact on teenagers but they also don’t have an impact on studies. In the old age when there was no computer or any other Gadgets, the people spent time with their families and all, from these new inventions where there is a variety of Gadgets they overindulge in these things. In early times people used telegrams and letters to communicate when there were no cell phones. Now they all are getting dependent on accessories rather than spending time doing some productive work. Nowadays, children are busily Chatting or they switch them on some social networking sites, they don’t have real-time to spare with their family.

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Deependra Verma

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