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Write the Short Summary Of Fire And Ice

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Fire & Ice is a short poem written by Robert Frost. The Poet tells us how the world will end. While some people say the world will end in the Ice and Some people say the world will end in the Fire. But according to the Poet, the Fire stands for Greed, lust, or desire. The more we try to satisfy them the more they grow. This will continue, there is no end. And according to the poet the Ice stands for Hatred and Lack of sympathy. This poem revolves around the human emotions that are destructive in nature and they have two possible forms. The speaker brings us all into the middle of the argument between two different categories of people. One who thinks that the world will come to a fiery end and other people who think the world will freeze resulting in the end. In this poem, the poet is talking about the end of the world. But he is also talking about the power that human beings have when they are destroying each other.

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Deependra Verma

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