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You along with your friends went to a village life.there you found many people living with minimum facilities you mt a village development officer and you interaction with the officer write the dialogues b/w you and the officer with regard to the development program?

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Vandana: Greeting Sir. I am Vandana. I am here on a visit for my school project where I have to study village life.

Development officer: Hi, Vandana. Do you need any help regarding the project?

Vandana: Yes, Sir. I have some questions I want to ask you and suggestions to give.

Development officer: Sure, go ahead. 

Vandana: I wanted to ask if the village has a school, college, bank and a hospital. Also, do they have access to electricity and water?

Development officer: The village has a school till class 10. It has an open college which offers different courses. We have a government bank and an atm. And the nearest hospital is only 3 kms from here. But the village faces the issue of water and electricity. There is a frequent power cut and the water sources are the village wells and the tube wells.

Vandana: I read about the village and it is said to have a population of ten thousand people. Out of which 7000 do farming to earn a livelihood. I saw only a few tube wells and water wells which are not enough for the population here.  The lack of water can be a problem for them. And the frequent power cut causes the stoppage of tube wells because of which farmers cannot irrigate the lands. Also, the roads are built poorly. Though, I must say that the school and hospital are very well built but the school is not till 12th and the hospital has a limited medical staff.

Development officer: I appreciate your suggestion and feedback. We have a budget allotted to cover and improve such shortcomings but it will take time as it is a government matter. 

Vandana: Thank you, Sir. The village is very beautiful and you should promote it as a tourist spot as urban people seek a calm and silent environment and this place can offer such an escape.

Development officer: Your suggestion is noted. Thank you for visiting. 


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Deependra Verma

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