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You feel strongly about the exploitation of children, especially when they ought to go to decide to write an article highlighting the injustice they face in this cruel society

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Child labour and exploitation is a very serious situation 16 out of every 100 children worldwide are engaged in exploitative child labour in violation of convention on the rights of the child and international labour. A quarter of children work in chemical factories or mines or with dangerous substances. This is not the age of children doing such works, this is the time of going to school and take their time to study for their parent's child labour is a very depressing concept for the children who keep work in Factories. This is not good for our society and society will not accept this. This is so intolerant. India is a most developed country and I strongly believe that children are being exploited at the age of 16 or above. When the government made an educational policy for every child to their caste, sex, religion and Colour. Then why do these children keep working at tea stalls, mining factories, or Tyre factories? Those children also want to go to school and give their time to study. Don't they want to wear uniforms to school? This is a very serious problem in our Country. Society is doing injustice to such children. We will not accept this cruelty.


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Deependra Verma

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