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You got a chance to interview a flood victim from Kurnool district write an imaginary interview between him and you?

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Interviewer - Hello, How are you?

Flood victim- I am good now.

Interviewer- How is the situation now in Kurnool district?

Flood victim- The situation is pretty bad in Kurnool district. I am really concerned about Andhra Pradesh.

Interviewer- Can you share your experience of flood.

Flood victim- We saw water everywhere as far we can see. Water reached everywhere , our house, our streets , our shops , water was everywhere. It is a very scary memory.

Interviewer - What about your family? How are they?

Flood victim- They are healing from the trauma. They are weak. My younger sister and brother is in the hospital. My mother is also healing and so is my father.

Interviewer- What are your plans of going back to a normal life?

Flood victim- We have no idea what normal is going to be. We had a shop it is ruined in flood now, so, we don't have any source of income now. We have to start our life again from scratch.

Interviewer- I hope your family will feel better. We will do what we can do to highlight your story, is there any form of help you want from government?

Flood victim- Yes, any form of help, occupation related, monetary help would be beneficial. Anything which can help us to kick start our new life considering the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Thank you for highlighting our story and listening to our problem.

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Deependra Verma

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