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You have spent your holiday in a hill station with your friend. Describe your journey to the place and how you spent your holiday

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I had an opportunity to visit a Hill station with my friends and it was a wonderful experience. We took a train this time and the journey was quite thrilling for us. Shimla is a beautiful destination (Hill station). There were many famous mall roads and it was hustling with the crowd. Literally a meeting place for all in Shimla. Tourists can see the Shimla hills from the ridge, which is the highest and most beautiful scenery in the World. There is a church located on the ridge which attracts the tourists a lot. Shimla is named after Goddess Shyamalais which is known as Queen Of Hills. Shimla is indeed the most beautiful hill station I have ever seen and I had an amazing time with my friend and enjoyed my Stay in this beautiful valley. The Mall roads give a spectacular view and I climbed the Jakku Hills, a famous palace for doing Skiing and horse riding every day with my friend. This trip is worthwhile for me with the places I see and enjoy trekking.

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Deependra Verma

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