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Your friend is not very good in maths but he has opted for commerce with maths and is not doing well in maths. 1.What are the future implications? 2.How will you convince him to reconsider his choice?

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If your friend needs to improve in maths, the only thing that will help him is practice. That way he will end up learning formulas and different approaches to a problem. He should focus on the scoring areas of maths whichever they are. That way he might score better. He should solve previous years question papers and sample papers. He should take help from his teachers and friends. 

If he cannot understand maths, then he should reconsider his choice as it might affect his result and if he doesn't pass the real exam, then he will have to give it again, which can be an additional burden.

You can only advise him to reconsider as maths can be quite hard, but if he is adamant in taking maths, then it is his choice. 


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Deependra Verma

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