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Your friend spend all his free timei watching can you help ?

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One of my friend spent all his free time watching television. In order to help this friend, following steps can be taken-

1. Preparing a time table in which only one hour time will be available for watching television and rest for studies, playing, sleeping and eating food and performing activities related to self hygiene and self management. This way he will understand that watching television is not that important activity. 

2. Trying to engage him in sports activity or sports of his choice such as involving him in school or outside in swimming classes, badminton, table tennis,  running or various other indoor and outdoor games.  

3. Engaging the child in some co-curricular activities of his choice such as sports, dancing, painting, playing an instrument which can help the child to develop skills and learn cooperation with other children.

4. Encouraging the child to make friends. By making friends, he will learn to be more social and open. He will learn to talk and communicate with children of his age and develop similar interests as they have.

5. Parents can put password and activate child lock system in the television and in the other instruments such as laptops, computers, mobiles and tablets.

6. Interesting books for games, puzzles, crosswords, story books can be provided to the child so that he build his vocabulary, reasoning skills, General knowledge  and problem solving skills. 

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Deependra Verma

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