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What should be the angle between the axes of the polarizer, so that the intensity of the beam coming out of analyzer is 3/8 I

  1. 45 degree

  2. 30 degree

  3. 60 degree

  4. cos-1(3/8) rad

Answers (1)

When unpolarized light is passed through the polarizer the intensity becomes half, Hence after passing through polarizer equals \frac{I}{2}

Now after coming out of the analyzer, the intensity becomes \frac{3I}{8}

Use Malus Law, \frac{3I}{8} = \frac{I}{2}\cos ^{2}\Theta

\cos ^{2}\Theta = \frac{3}{4}

\Theta = 30^{0}

Option (2) is correct.



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Abhishek Sahu

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