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A beam of unpolarised light of intensity I0  is passed through a polaroid A and then through another polaroid B which is oriented so that its principal plane makes and angle of 450 relative to that of A. The intensity of the emergent light is :


Option: 1

I0 / 8

Option: 2


Option: 3

I0 / 2

Option: 4

I0 / 4

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When the beam of unpolarized light passed through a polaroid A, then its intensity becomes \frac{I_{o}}{2}


When this again passed through a polaroid B, oriented at 45^{\circ} relative to A then,

I_{B}=I_{A}\cdot Cos^{2}45^{\circ}

=I_{A}\cdot \left ( \frac{1}{2} \right )7


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Gautam harsolia

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