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Given below are two statements : Statement I : H2O2 can act as both oxidising and reducing agent in basic medium. Statement II : In the hydrogen economy, the energy is transmitted in the form of dihydrogen. In the light of above statments, choose the correct answer from the options given below :
Option: 1 Both statement I and II are true
Option: 2 Statement I is true and statement II is false
Option: 3 Both statement I and II are false  
Option: 4 Statement I is false and but statement II is true

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(a) H2O2 can act as oxidizing & reducing agent in both acidic & basic mediums.

(b) The basic principle of the hydrogen economy is the transportation and storage of energy in the form of liquids or gaseous dihydrogen. The advantage of hydrogen economy is that energy is transmitted in the form of dihydrogen and not as electric power.

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