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A simple harmonic oscillator has an amplitude a and time period T. The time required to travel from x= \frac{a}{2}  is

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As we discussed in concept

Phase -

The quantity \phi = wt+\delta is called the phase . It determines the status of the particle in simple harmonic motion.



- wherein


x= A\sin \left ( wt +\delta \right )\rightarrow phase


 x=A\sin (wt+\frac{\pi }{2})


\frac{A}{2}=A\sin (wt+\frac{\pi }{2})

\frac{1}{2}=\cos wt

=>wt=\frac{\pi }{3}

\frac{2\pi }{T}t=\frac{\pi }{3}


Option 1)


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