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The height at which the acceleration due to gravity becomes g/9 ( where g = the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth ) in terms of R, the radius of the earth is

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As we discussed in

Acceleration due to gravity (g) -

Force extended by earth on a body is gravity.

Formula:    g=\frac{GM}{R^{2}},

g=\frac{4}{3}\pi \rho \, GR

g\rightarrow gravity

\rho \rightarrow density of earth

R \rightarrow Radius of earth


- wherein

It's average value is 9.8\: m/s^{2}\; \; or \; \; 981cm/sec^{2}\; or\; 32feet/s^{2} on the surface of earth


 The accelerator due to gravity at a height h from thegrow of given as \frac{g}{9}

\frac{GM}{r^{2}}=\frac{GM}{R^{2}} \frac{1}{9}


The height above the ground is 2R.

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