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In which of the following reactions H2Oacts as a reducing agent ?

(a)   H_{2}O_{2}+2H^{+}+2e^{-}\rightarrow 2H_{2}O

(b) H_{2}O_{2}-2e^{-}\rightarrow O_{2}+2H^{+}

(c) H_{2}O_{2}+2e^{-}\rightarrow 2OH^{-}

(d) H_{2}O_{2}+2OH^{-}-2e^{-}\rightarrow O_{2} +2H_{2}O


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As learnt in concept

Reducing Agent -

A substance that act as a donor of electron is called reducing agent. Reducing agent itself gets oxidised.

- wherein

e.g.2Na(s)+ O_{2}(g)\rightarrow (Na_{2}^{+}) O^{2-}(s)
Na is reducing agent


 Let's take the reactions one by one 

a) H_{2}O_{2}+2H^{+}+2e^{-}\rightarrow 2H_{2}O

In this reaction, the oxidation state of oxygen goes from -1 to -2, in other words, H2O gets reduced and thereby act as an oxidising agent 

b) H_{2}O_{2}-2e^{-}\rightarrow O_{2+}+2H^{\bigoplus }

Here, oxidation state changes from (-1) to 0 thus H2O2 acts as a reducing agent 

c) H_{2}O_{2}+2e^{-}\rightarrow 2OH^{-}

Here, oxidation state changes from (-1) toO, thus H2O2 acts as an oxidising agent 

d) \: H_{2}O_{2}+2OH^{-}-2e^{-}\rightarrow O_{2}+2H_{2}O

Here, oxidation state changes from(-1) to 0, thus H2O2 acts as a reducing agent 



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