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Two bodies of masses m\: and \: 4m are placed at a distance r. The gravitational potential at a point on the line joining them where the gravitational field is zero is

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As we discussed in

Gravitational field due to Point mass -


I= \frac{F}{m}= \frac{GMm}{r^{2}m}

\therefore I= \frac{GM}{r^{2}}

\dpi{100} G \rightarrow Gravitational\: constant

M\rightarrow mass\: of\: earth



- wherein

As the distance (r) of test mass from point (M) Increases I decreases.

I\propto \frac{1}{r^{2}}

I= 0\: at\: \left ( r= \infty \right )



\left [ \frac{x}{\left ( r-x \right )} \right ]^2=\frac{1}{4}

\Rightarrow x=\frac{r}{3}

U=\frac{-Gm}{x}-\frac{G\left ( 4m \right )}{\left ( r-x \right )}

=\frac{-Gm}{\left ( \frac{r}{3} \right )}-\frac{G\left ( 4m \right )}{\left ( r-\frac{r}{3} \right )}

= -\frac{3Gm}{r}-\frac{3G\left ( 4m \right )}{2r}

= -\frac{9Gm}{2r}


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