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The equilibrium constant at 298 K for a reaction A+BC+D is 100.  If the initial concentration of all the four species were 1 M each, then equilibrium concentration of D (in mol L−1) will be :
Option: 1  0.182  
Option: 2  0.818  
Option: 3  0.818  
Option: 4  1.182  

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As we dicussed in the concept

Law of Chemical equilibrium -

At a given temperature, the product of concentration of the reaction products raised to the respective stoichiometric coefficient in the balanced chemical equation divided by the product of concentration of the reactants raised to their individual stoichiometric coefficients has a constant value.

- wherein

aA+bB\rightleftharpoons cC+dD



are equilibrium concentration


 For reaction              A+B\rightleftharpoons C+D

Initial concentration IM      IM       IM       IM

At equilibarium if degree of dissociation is A+B\rightleftharpoons C+D\alpha then

A+B\rightleftharpoons C+D

1-\alpha   1-\alpha      H\alpha   1+\alpha


10=\frac{1+\alpha}{1-\alpha }

10-10\alpha =1+\alpha


\alpha =\frac{9}{11}

Concentration of D is 1+\alpha=I+\frac{9}{11}


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Ritika Jonwal

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