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Toluene is nitrated and the resulting product is reduced with tin and hydrochloric acid. The product so obtained is diazotised and then heated with cuprous bromide. The reaction mixture so formed contains

Option: 1

Mixture \: o\! f \: o - and\; m - bromotoluenes

Option: 2

Mixture \: o\! f \: o - and\; p - bromotoluenes

Option: 3

Mixture \: o\! f \: o - and\; p - dibromobenzenes

Option: 4

Mixture \: o\! f \: o - and\; p - bromoanilines

Answers (1)


Presence of -CH3 group in toluene makes it ortho and para directing, thus on nitration it yields

On reduction with tin and hydrochloric acid, it gives a mixture of ortho and para anilines, which on diazotisation and heated with cuprous bromide gives

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