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64 grams of oxygen contain how many moles of oxygen?

Option: 1

Three moles

Option: 2

Two moles

Option: 3

One mole

Option: 4

16 moles

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The following formula may be used to determine how many real moles of oxygen are contained in 64 grams of oxygen:

\text { Number of moles }=\frac{\text { mass }}{\text { molar mass }}

Inputting the values provided yields:

\frac{64 \mathrm{~g}}{32 \mathrm{~g} / \mathrm{mol}}=2 \mathrm{~mol}

 2 mol is the number of moles.

Consequently, 64 grams of oxygen contain 2 moles of oxygen.

As is common knowledge, the weight of the material divided by its molecular weight yields the number of moles of a gas. Hence, 64 grams divided by 32 grams equals two moles in the case of oxygen.

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Ritika Kankaria

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