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A 100 ml mixture containing 72% of \small CH_4 by volume and the rest an unknown gas X was kept in a vessel. Due to a very fine crack, the mixture effused out. 21 ml of the mixture was lost and the remaining mixture contained 68.35% of methane by volume. Calculate the molar mass of gas X. All the measurements are made at the same temperature and pressure.

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We have initial volume of mixture = 100ml

Thus, the mixture has 72ml of  CH_4 and 28ml of X.
Thus, we have:


After the crack, the volume left = 100-21 = 79ml
Thus, the volume of CH_4 left after crack =(79\times 68.35)/100=54ml
Thus diffused volume of  CH_4=72-54=10mlAnd diffused volume of X=21-18=3ml
Now, we know that:


Thus, M_X=87.1



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