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A container filled with viscouse liquid is moving vertically downwords with constant speed 3v_{o}. At the instant shown, a sphere of radius \gamma is moving vertically downwords (in liquid) has speed V_{o}. The coefficient of viscosity is there is no relative motion between the liquid and the container. Then at the shown instant, the magnitude of viscouse force acting on sphere is


Option: 1

6\pi \eta \gamma v_{o}

Option: 2

12\pi \eta \gamma v_{o}

Option: 3

18\pi \eta \gamma v_{o}

Option: 4

24\eta \gamma \pi v_{o}

Answers (1)


Relative to liquid, the velocity of sphere is 2v_{o} upwards.

\therefore Viscous force or sphere = 6\pi \eta \gamma (2v_{o}) \text{downwords}

                                           = 12\pi \eta \gamma v_{o}\; \text{downwords}

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Ritika Kankaria

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