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According to Quiescent centre theory quiescent centre are


Option: 1

Region of active cells between root cap and apical meristem

Option: 2

Contain inconspicuous nuclei, Endoplasmic reticulum and some mitochondria

Option: 3

Meristem cells reservoir

Option: 4

All of the above

Answers (1)


According to the Quiescent Centre Theory, the quiescent centre refers to a specific region within the root apical meristem of a plant. It is located between the root cap and the actively dividing cells of the apical meristem. The quiescent centre is characterized by several features:

  • It contains inconspicuous nuclei, which are not actively dividing.
  • It has limited cytoplasmic content, including the presence of endoplasmic reticulum and some mitochondria.
  • It acts as a reservoir of meristem cells that can become activated and divide when needed for growth or repair.

Therefore, all of the statements mentioned in Option 4 are correct. The quiescent centre is a specialized region that functions as a reservoir of meristem cells, characterized by specific cellular features and its position within the root apical meristem.


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