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According to the Rutherford's atomic model, the electrons inside the atom are:

Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3


Option: 4


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  • Rutherford Experiment:

  • In this experiment, Ernst Rutherford, H. Geiger, and E. Marsden performed some experiments on the gold foil.

  • In this experiment, they directed a beam of 5.5 MeV α-particles emitted from a  radioactive source at a thin metal foil made of gold.

  • By this experiment, they found the following observations:

  • Most of the α-particles pass through the foil. It means that they do not suffer any collisions.

  • Only about 0.14% of the incident α-particles scatter by more than 1°.

  • About 1 in 8000 deflect by more than 90°.

  • On the basis of their observations, they conclude that:

  • Most of the part of the atom is empty.

  • The greater part of the mass of the atom charge was concentrated tightly at its center, which is called the nucleus.

  • The nucleus is positively charged.

  • Electrons move in an orbit around the nucleus.

By the above explanation, it is clear that electrons move in an orbit around the nucleus.

Hence, option 3 is correct.

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