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Assertion (A) : Electrical excitability is also demonstrated by muscles.

Reason (R) : Due to the presence of electric potential difference across its plasma membrane

Option: 1

Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.

Option: 2

Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.

Option: 3

A is true but R is false.

Option: 4

A is false but R is true.

Answers (1)


The tissues in muscles are electrically excitable. Due to an electric potential difference across their plasma membrane, they are able to produce and conduct electrical impulses. Ions flow across the membrane through specialized ion channels, maintaining this potential difference. These channels respond to stimulation by opening or closing, altering the membrane potential, which causes the formation of an action potential. The muscle fibers then contract as a result of this electrical signal. Hence, option 1 is the correct answer.

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Devendra Khairwa

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