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Assertion (A): Ultrafiltration occurs in the presence of sufficient filtration pressure.

 Reason (R): Blood was filtered in Bowman's capsule during the ultrafiltration process. The filtered fluid also contains blood corpuscles and protein.

Option: 1

A and R are correct and R is correct explanation of A


Option: 2

A and R are correct and R isn’t correct explanation of A


Option: 3

A  is wrong but R is correct


Option: 4

A is correct but R is wrong

Answers (1)


Option (d)- Ultrafiltration happens with high filtration pressure in the renal corpuscle of the uriniferous tubule. The filtered blood from the Bowman's capsule is known as glomerular filtrate. This filtrate comprises water, salts, and urea. Protein and blood cells  are absent in filtrate.


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