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Assertion: Inner cell mass and blastocoel are encircled by trophoblast layer.

Reason:During development of the embryo, differentiation of the organ occurs first.

Option: 1

 If both Assertion & Reason are true and the reason is the correct explanation of the assertion, then mark A

Option: 2

If both Assertion & Reason are true but the reason is not the correct explanation of the assertion, then mark B

Option: 3

If Assertion is true statement but Reason is false, then mark C

Option: 4

 If both Assertion and Reason are false statements, then mark D.

Answers (1)

  • Trophoblast is the layer of cells encircling the blastocoel and inner cell mass. The latter gives rise to the embryo. The cells of the trophoblast form the placenta and foetal membrane. 

  • After fertilisation, the zygote undergoes the process of cleavage to form a number of cells which ultimately undergo the process of differentiation and then form tissues, organ and lastly organ systems.

  • Option c is the correct answer. 

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