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Assertion: Kidney is a peritoneum organ 

Reason: the overlying peritoneum serves to firmly anchor the kidneys to the posterior abdominal wall 


Option: 1

Assertion and reason are both true, and reason is the correct explanation of assertion. 


Option: 2

Both assertion and reason are accurate, but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.

Option: 3

The assertion is correct, but the reasoning is incorrect. 


Option: 4

Both the assertion and reason are incorrect.

Answers (1)


The assertion and reason both are incorrect. The kidney is not a peritoneal organ. The peritoneum does not serve to anchor the kidneys to the posterior abdominal wall. Rather, the kidneys are anchored by a combination of supportive connective tissue, blood vessels, and muscular attachments.

Option d is the correct answer. 


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vishal kumar

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