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Assertion: - Newton's third law of motion only applies when objects are in motion.
Reason: Among all the laws, Newton’s third law applies to all types of forces. For example: gravity, electricity or magnetism etc.

Option: 1

Both the assertion and the inference are correct and the inference is the correct interpretation of the Assertion.

Option: 2

The assertion and the reasoning are correct but the reasoning is not a correct interpretation of the assertion.

Option: 3

The statement is true, But the reasoning is false.


Option: 4

The assertion is false, the reason is correct.

Answers (1)


This statement is incorrect because Newton's third law works for objects at rest. Consider pulling on a string. Reason applies because there is a reaction pair for every action that acts on all forces. 

The law of universal gravitation is:

F\ =\frac{Gm_1m_2}{r^2}

Two masses attract each other.

Coulomb’s Law (Electricity):

F\ =\frac{kq_1q_2}{r^2}

Take two magnets and they repel (forces in opposite directions) or attract (forces in opposite directions) depending on their orientation. In both Cases, the third law is respected. For example: Gravity, electricity or magnetism etc. Newton’s third law therefore applies to all types of forces.

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