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Assertion: Urine is a clear and transparent liquid.

Reason: Urine contains only water and waste products.

Option: 1

Assertion and reason are both true, and reason is an accurate account of assertion. 

Option: 2

Both assertion and reason are accurate, but reason does not adequately explain assertion.

Option: 3

The assertion is correct, but the reasoning is incorrect. 


Option: 4

Both the assertion and reason are incorrect.

Answers (1)


The assertion is not entirely true. While fresh urine may be clear and transparent, it can also appear cloudy or have sediment depending on its composition. The reason is also not entirely true, as urine contains not only water and waste products but also various dissolved salts, hormones, and other substances. However, if there is an excessive amount of waste products in urine, it may appear cloudy or have sediment.

Option d is the correct answer.

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Pankaj Sanodiya

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