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Cell organelle which exhibit cartwheel structure in transverse section:

(a) is helpful in cell division in almost all plant cells

(b) is not covered by any membrane

(c) is a self duplicating unit

(d) contain microtubules composed of Dynien protein


Option: 1

A and C are incorrect

Option: 2

B and C are correct

Option: 3

Only A is incorrect

Option: 4

Only B is correct

Answers (1)


Cartwheel structure is found in centrioles of microtubules in animal cell but centrioles are absent in plant cell therefore statement A is wrong.

A pair of centrioles are present in centrosome within a pericentriolar area without any membrane and they can duplicate themselves therefore both statements B and C are correct.

The microtubule contain tubulin protein instead of dynein and therefore statement D is also wrong. 

Hence the correct option is 2. 

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seema garhwal

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