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Complete combustion of 0.8\ g of a hydrocarbon X gives 2.2\ g of CO_{2} and 1.8\ g of H_{2}O. The lowest molecular mass X can have

Option: 1

16 g

Option: 2

86 g

Option: 3

129 g

Option: 4

172 g

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Mass of CO_2 = 2.2 g  \Rightarrow Moles of CO_2 = 0.05

Mass of H_2O = 1.8 g  \Rightarrow Moles of H_2O = 0.1 

We know, combustion of any hydrocarbon is given as 

            C_xH_y + (x+ \frac{y}{4})O_2 \longrightarrow x\ CO_2 + \frac{y}{2}H_2O

        \frac{0.8}{12x+y}                                         0.05            0.1

We have,

\frac{x}{\frac{y}{2}} = \frac{0.05}{0.1} \Rightarrow y=4x

The only hydrocarbon which satisfies the above condition is CH_4



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